Career Options For Graphic Designers: Print Design

print publications

One of the most amazing parts about studying graphic design is the number of career options that are available in the field. I wanted to do a small series on all of the paths and directions one can take in the world of graphic design. It seems as though most graphic designers feel pressure to go into digital design, so the first path that I want to cover is the world of print design.  There are innumerable options within the world of print design alone.



When entering the world of marketing as a graphic designer, you will be tasked with creating new designs based on the pre-existing brand of the company that you are designing for. There’s a lot that can be done in the world of marketing. You will generally be in charge of things like in-store promotions and packaging, and work closely with the advertising to see that the materials you are creating are doing their job in terms of increasing sales.


Branding & Advertising

In this field, graphic designers are usually in charge of creating the overall visual brand and image of a company. (If you work for a firm, you may be involved with multiple companies at once.) Graphic designers are tasked with creating logos & mascots, choosing color schemes, and selecting the fonts that will represent the company.  Sometimes graphic designers are also pulled into consultations for media like  tv commercials, web banners, and print ads.


Print Publications

Thanks to the internet, print publication is no longer the powerhouse that it used to be. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider going into print design; the market is still hugely significant. Print publications like magazine and newspapers have different turn-arounds (weekly, monthly, annually), so the pace of your job can change drastically between the type of print publication that you work for. If you glance at the magazine rack in any convenience store or bookstore you’ll see that there still is a magazine for just about every interest, so rest assured that there is definitely a need for talented designers in the print field.


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