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balancing image and text by jamie stanos

Balancing Image & Text

Often-times when creating an image, typography alone isn’t the right medium.  In that instance, then you can’t forget the creative power of images.  Yet incorporating text with image is a tricky balance to master.  To create something that’s professional, effective and ultimately pleasing to the eye, then all of the elements need to fit well so that it looks as… Read more →

keyboard shortcuts for firefox by jamie stanos

Keyboard Shortcuts For Firefox

When it comes to Internet browsers, people get personal.  Those who use Safari or Internet Explorer are hide-bound traditionalists, and staying with those browsers by this point is almost a statement in itself.  One of the most popular browsers is Firefox.  If you’re looking to improve your Firefox-ing skills, then you’re in luck; I recently read an article that shared… Read more →

White Space

Complex web layouts can turn a user off. Whether the user is checking out a blog, purchasing at an online store or browsing an e-magazine, the design has to be visually appealing. Regardless of a site’s sophistication, purpose or intent, designers have to consider the simplicity in their designs. Making Use of White Space The most effective way to ensure… Read more →

The Graphic Designers You Should Know – Part 1

Whether you design occasionally, or you live, breathe, and sleep graphic design, you that mentioning that design to other designers will almost always elicit an enthusiastic response from the other party. Detailed discussions about graphic design and designers will likely follow, and you should try to be prepared with all relevant designer knowledge. Use this list as a starting point… Read more →

color wheel

Training Your Design Eye

One of the most important things to remember is that art will never be perfect. As an artist, your craft is continuously growing and developing, and there are always new ways to train your eye and your craft.   If you don’t consider yourself a designer, but are looking to enter the field of learn more about design in general,… Read more →