graphic designer

As I mentioned in last month’s blog post, the world of graphic design presents an expansive number of job opportunities. In part two of this series, I want to focus on the different paths one can take if they decide to pursue graphic design in the digital realm.


Logo Designer

This particular job can easily fall into any number of catergories in the print vs digital & marketing vs advertising arguments. It’s here because logo designing is becoming more and more important as tech startups continue to pop up left and right. In the digital world, a logo can literally make or break a business. The job of logo specialist is usually found at a digital marketing agency.


Web Designer (Front End Design)

These days, if you’re working as a web designer, it’s likely that you will be expected to have, at the very least, some basic web development skills (HTML/CSS). A web designer is in charge of creating the “look” of websites. If there is a separation of design and development, the designer creates mock-ups of what the site will look like, and the mockups are built by the front end developers. However, and more companies are expecting graphic design and web-development to be co-existing skill sets.  A designer who understands what the coding/development process looks will be able to design highly functional/efficient mockups.


UI  & UX Designers

If you are unfamiliar with these phrases, UI stands for User Interface and UX stands for User Experience.  Web usage is now a fully engrained part of most people’s lives, so sites are constantly being designed and updated to be more user friendly. User Interface designers are in charge of determining what elements go into a design. They are the people who figure out what buttons, images, toolbars, menus, etc are going to be used to create the best possible interface. User Experience designers have a less concrete job description. UX designers design the “feeling” or “scope” of the web page or app. They determine what the user is going to feel or experience when looking at the screen.

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