How to Swim, Not Sink

How to Swim Not Sink by Jamie StanosAll creative directors have to start somewhere.  For interns, entering graphic design can be terrifying, and are often thrown in at the deep end and left to sink or swim.  Yet that’s all part of the experience.  For those who are thrown in the deep end, here are some tips for being able to “swim”, based off an interview I read from two creative directors at London’s SomeOne studio:

Don’t be afraid to be scared: If you’ve never done something before, especially if you’re still fairly new, then nerves can paralyze you.  But you need to learn how you can use that fear and those nerves to thrive.  Being a little scared is okay, since it keeps you human and wanting to do the best that you can.  

Brush up on your presentation style: Anybody in creative fields will need to get used to presenting their work.  At SomeOne, all interns, regardless of their experience (or lack thereof) are treated as designers, giving them the opportunity to present their work and see clients.  That way, interns will receive the help and guidance to develop any winning ideas they might have.  

Don’t be afraid of strong reactions: The greatest killer of a startup isn’t rejection, it’s indifference.  If you share an idea that makes everybody gasp and shudder, then figure out why it made them freak out.  If you never test the limits, then you’ll never find out.

Leave your ego at the door: When you’re pushed into a studio with 45 other people, you can’t really afford to be prickly.  Feed off the talent around you, and you’ll figure out that you’re better off with these people on your side than fighting them.  If an idea doesn’t work, then use it as a stepping stone to get to the next strong idea.