jamie-stanosJamie Stanos is a professional in the healthcare field. Currently located in Cleveland, Ohio, he has had a track record of understanding the creative and business sides of his industry. As a new student at the Kent State University, Stanos began his collegiate journey in graphic design. Although he eventually switched majors, graphics and creative design still hold a special place in his heart.

Today, Jamie Stanos is an accomplished career driven individual with experience in upper level management and business operations. However, he has always found a way to incorporate his passion for artistic execution and planning. Back at Kent State, Stanos set out to study illustration and graphic design. This was in the early 1990s, right as computers began to more heavily dominate this area of concentration. While Stanos thoroughly enjoyed this discipline, he had to consider the career outlook of this particular profession.

Art often triggers questions around the need to balance passion with the capability to earn money at a high potential. With graphic design at this time holding a stigma of becoming a starving artist, Jamie Stanos decided it was best to switch his area of concentration. His older brother was in medical school and so Jamie followed in his footsteps by switching to a healthcare focus.

Still in pursuit of the satisfaction that creative design provides, Jamie Stanos can certainly be found continuing work in this area. He has a knowledge base in web design and running corporate public relations campaigns. The YMCA of the USA was a work opportunity that supplied Jamie Stanos with even more experience. He served as a marketing coordinator for a Cleveland based corporate challenge that promoted health, wellness, and physical fitness. He helped with the development of creative executions for radio and television. Additionally, he wrote press releases and also has an understanding of color layouts. Jamie Stanos is a freelancer in this area who may also be found designing tee shirts for fun.

The future for Jamie Stanos in graphic and web design includes him opening his own design firm. He would like to continue his work with technology and the use of programs such as the Adobe Suite and WordPress. The self-proclaimed go-to PR and marketing design guy, Jamie Stanos, has plenty work and continued leadership ahead of him.