The Graphic Designers You Should Know – Part 2

In my last blog post, I started a list of the graphic designers that you should absolutely know about. They’re designers that have created an unstoppable presence in the realm of design, and have made their style something to be coveted. We covered Michael Bierut, David Carson, and Lotta Nieminen last time. Let’s delve into a few more of the greats:


Alan Fletcher


The late Alan Fletcher was one of the founding partners of Pentagram. He was a visual genius; he was witty, playful and intense in all that he created. He’s considered to be one of “the most influential figures of post-war British graphic design” (source), and specialized in identity design and book design.  Fletcher won numerous awards for his work, and his book The Art of Looking Sideways continues to be a go-to for designers today. He was quoted saying,


“I like to reduce everything to its absolute essence because that is a way to avoid getting trapped in a style.”

and I think that his work speaks beautifully to those intentions.


Chipp Kidd


Chipp Kidd is a graphic designer and writer based out of NYC. His claim to design-fame are his extraordinary book covers. Do you remember the covers for Jurassic Park of Augusten Burroughs’ Dry? If so, you’ve already encountered. Take a scroll through his portfolio, you’ll be shocked by how many pieces of art you’ve probably come across. He recently won the AIGA Medal in 2014, and was honored with the National Design Award for Communication in 2007.

Jessica Hische


A Pennsylvania native, Jessica Hische is the designer behind some of the dreamiest, ornate lettering that you’ll probably ever come across. She’s worked with Wes Anderson, Tiffany & Co., and The NY Times just to name a few, has created, beautiful, powerful designs for innumerable other brands and individuals. She was also named one of the Forbes 30 under 30 (two times!), and her eye for design is just dazzling. Browse through her portfolio on her personal website here.

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