CyreneQ | Designer and Popular Snapchat Account

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Cyrene Quiamco is a graphic designer and visual artist who currently works as a web designer for Verizon Wireless and a freelance graphic designer for various brands. Many people today know her as CyreneQ from SnapChat. She is known to create a full and interactive experience by incorporating her audience into Snap stories. Some things she does to foster her online community include username adding parties, interactive games, and drawing lessons. CyreneQ may even be seen interviewing celebrities with user-submitted questions.

On Snapchat, Cyrene is also known for creating and sharing celebrity portraits and Disney characters. Sharing her artwork through the app sometimes attracts views between 10,000 and 15,000 views. This amount of attention provided her with the opportunity to work with large brands such as Groupon, Burger King, and Disney who began commissioning her brand sketches to be posted across Snapchat. By sharing artwork once or twice per week, Cyrene could make up to $10,000 per post. The Snap artwork that CyreneQ posts is made using a stylus on her Android touch screen phone. The branded Snaps are posted through the companies’ accounts, where Cyrene then also has the chance to use her interactive flair. A Burger King commission included asking her audience to share Snaps that portrayed what happened when a friend ate their last chicken fry.

This B.A. Graphic Design major from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock never imagined being so involved with Snapchat. However, she has embraced the experience and even takes a strong interest in the Snapchat art of others. Cyrene created a websitre called to showcase the Snapchat art of others. Snapchat allows for 10-second Snaps, however the 11th second allows for a continued celebration of their art.

Recently, Cyrene was nominated for a Shorty Award for excellence in social media. Nonetheless, she sees the importance in balance. She will continue to do social media as long as it is balanced with her day job at Verizon. That way she’ll be able to sustain the enthusiasm she has for Snapchat.

To learn more about Cyrene Quiamco, visit here.